Western Montana Poet Lariat (for hire)


Not known for his poetry; Tc has entertained his family with limericks for manyyears. His deeper commitment to poetry has been fleetingly exhibited in hismanuscripts and his creative submittals to global poetry competitions; rhyming asthe self-proclaimed Western Montana Poet Lariat. Tc’s latest poetic foray iscuriously to return to the world of business. Based on his perpetual powers ofobservation; Tc’s pre-tumor decades working in the business world convinced himthat the corporate world could benefit; both in advertising their products and inrecruitment; from the soulful lyrics of poetry in their narratives about the familyatmospheres of their companies; whether privately-held or public. So Tc nowlaunches his own commitment to re-enter the world of business not as a trouble-shooter or counsel but as a poet. Tc’s offer to businesses who want to proudlyshow-off their business souls is a commitment to take advantage of Tc’s rarecombination of 4 decades of diverse hard-core business experience and the soul ofa poet and writer; to produce a company poem. Corporate Mission Statementsare valuable but business narratives understandably tilt toward the economics oftheir organizations. Yet Tc’s insightful experience while interacting with so manyemployees who purposefully showed up daily, for years, to work and produce fortheir companies; with so many of the same-type tenacious, good-naturedpersonnel in so many diverse organizations is overwhelmingly: the inside-talk bycorporate personnel reveals the feeling of family and loyalty and friendshipsamongst employees. What’s a company’s responsibility in return for an original,custom, company poem revealing the heart and soul of its people? Simple: thecompany agrees to make a voluntary donation of any amount to the RAiLBAKHugs Foundation; which is referenced in Bigger Than a Book (or Two) on thisRAiLBAK website. Happy Reading. Railbak.




Hard times highlight life’s goals
When survival is so plain,
Simply hang onto the dream of purpose…
With family;
Until we awaken again.     -Tc

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