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Tc is a 4th generation Montanan. Tc always says: there are no coincidences in life. Tc’s great grandmother on his mom’s side is buried in Fort Benton, Montana; hard by the mighty MO; regarded by many as the Birth Place of Montana. Generations later Tc’s family is drawn back to its beginnings every harvest season, where Tc’s sister and brother-in-law operate the bro-in-law’s family’s generational farm a long stone’s throw from Fort Benton hard by the Missouri Breaks in Montana’s Golden Triangle. Tc says the family tree on his mom’s side looks like a telephone pole, yet a writer and poet since high school, Tc realized early in life the Montanans he knew were rich in character. Acquaintances Tc grew-up with formed the foundations for the amalgam of Tc’s early diverse fictional characters; over-the-years expanding his collection of literary characters, characteristics and circumstances gleaned from Marines he served with in the Corps; undergrad and law students he matriculated with; colleagues he worked with from Africa to Australia including the Arctic; and his own family members. Tc’s first full-length manuscript, Sirocco, included a character named after his newborn oldest son and patterned after Tc’s brother’s life as a Marine warrior, interpreter and Vietnam vet. Two plus decades later Tc’s oldest son was a Bradley tank platoon Leader in the Iraq war. Now Tc brings RAilBAK’s story to print with the Bakken in its crosshairs.


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