Artists Among Us


The whimsical nature of the artist’s rendering for the Artists Among Us creation is not meant to downplay the serious nature of difficult times experienced by artists such as Tc; when all they had to lean-on to stay vertical and survive was their art. Tc’s literary art saved him in his darkest days…more than once.

The ability to read and write was all Tc could do to feel purposeful at various times in the last decade and climb over speed-bumps that at times looked as threatening as mountains. The Artists Among Us montage is designed to poignantly show many things; but most importantly that the one thing we can’t afford to lose is the sixth sense; sense of humor. Tc the dino is a member of the collage of characters found in the Kiddoes Korners section of the website. Then rest is left to you to imagine. Tc would like to dedicate Artists Among Us to the artists who give credit to their art for allowing them; or others they assisted or inspired; to survive challenging times…and also to invite Artists Among Us to submit your brief story in a couple paragraphs for posting; in the spirit of Artists Among Us. (Artists’ stories will be read and reviewed for authenticity to ensure bots aren’t submitting.)

Carley Virginia Cromwell


Dedicated to Tc’s Hero…and…mom…and artist; Carley Virginia Cromwell. Tc always thought this Life cover; poetically printed on the date of his birth; was in honor of all the women who quietly went to war throughout the world. Ten years earlier, it could have been a picture of his mom; LTjg Carley V., USN, who went to the Pacific theater in WWII aboard the USS Solace hospital ship as a young Navy-nurse from Wolf Creek, Montana, by way of Helena. Tc’s mom was surely an artist in the operating room; and post op; healing all her wounded soldier-patients on board ship. But nurse Carley was known post-war as an artist in the kitchen. Carley’s folks owned the Wolf Creek Hotel during the years prior to her attending nursing school; when Montana was improving its infrastructure state-wide for water, power and roads. So the Wolf Creek Hotel rooms were not just full to the brim with construction crews; but the dining room was SRO around meal time; as all the workers who camped outside on the Hotel grounds; also ate there. The specialty chef-Carley learned from her mom was scratch-baking …breads…rolls…pies…cakes-you name it. For many years Carley treated her own kiddoes with her baked treats. In constant demand were Carley’s signature cinnamon rolls. On many baking days, the SRO crowd of neighborhood kiddoes would quietly appear in the kitchen filled with pans of creations in various stages of production; as if drawn to witness her artistic creativity by some mystical force. The suspense of waiting patiently, quietly, while watching the artist perform; enhanced the pure joy of ultimately participating in consumption of the miracles simply known as; Carley’s Cinnamon Roles. Hero/Nurse/Mom/Gramma/Great Gramma/Artist.


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