Tc’s (Purposeful) RAiLBAK Adventures Vol II PDF


Tc’s (Purposeful) RAiLBAK Adventures Vol II is a typical Tc-creation:  Conversational Novella. But don’t think for a minute it’s necessarily a short, fast read. Vol II is approximately 45,000 words and at times a complex read, confusing even Tc because it’s dedicated solely to characters’ conversations. When Tc’s under-performing left eye starts to shut down; it for some reason transfers a like sentiment to Tc’s brain and he periodically has no idea who is speaking which is the not-so-subtle sign for: break time. Regardless the roller coaster element to Vol II; it provides a valuable look at the preparation and chaos, which is a signature characteristic of Railbak missions. Every participant on Railbak’s teams is a leader and expert in their skill set; and it shows through during Vol II’s purposeful interaction between the team contributors. Enjoy; as we prepare with Railbak for Volume III.

Download file below.

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