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   She’s missing…

 Tc’s (Purposeful) RAiLBAK Adventures Series

      Volume III


She’s missing… broadens the reach of contemporary RAiLBAK creations by hopefully tempting a new breed of young-adult fiction readers to discover She’s missing… and splurge for a few hours to appreciate the rough-hewn, old-school method of character-focused, purposeful writing; as evidenced in this latest manuscript. She’s missing… is Vol III of Tc’s (Purposeful) RAiLBAK Adventures series; and book #5 in the RAiLBAK series; (the first 4 RAiLBAK books are posted on Tc’s recently launched literary website @ She’s missing… will engage readers in a courageous, impromptu mission led by the unlikeliest female crew imaginable; comprised of former kidnap victims focused on apprehending members of a degenerate organization dedicated to the kidnapping and human-trafficking of young,  Indigenous, women. This naïve, motley crew bent on revenge for their abduction; set out on their quest through southern Saskatchewan and Alberta, Canada, to free more young Indian women who were abducted from their reservations in northern Montana and transported to Canada.

In addition to Railbak and The Trio’s involvement in She’s missing… the heroic deeds of the young women who refer to themselves as; The9; are chronicled as they operate under their public cover- identity of a traveling professional women’s basketball team while relentlessly tracking a number of the kidnappers to the oil-shale fields in west central Alberta and the West Edmonton Mall to exact their revenge…a story that should be told on a global scale as it resonates worldwide. Recent media sources indicate scores of female Indians in the United States and Canada are missing and/or murdered. Moreover; to add insult to injury; various reports suggest the US FBI is decreasing its missing-persons staff without explanation or further analysis; thus drastically diminishing the possibility of finding any of these missing Indigenous women alive. Independent sources estimate missing Indigenous women comprise over 25% of all missing people in the USA.

Indian Country in the US includes residents of 300 reservations in 25 states and over five million Native Americans. She’s missing… will focus on Montana and the environs of Saskatchewan and Alberta; where many Indians are our dear neighbors. She’s missing… will tell this captivating, missing story in typical RAiLBAK engaging, metaphorical style; exposing this tragic concern threatening so many Indigenous females; their families and loved ones. Leaving the overwhelming, complex tasks of recovery of the kidnapped females; and capture of the kidnappers; to arbitrary agencies such as Tribal police, federal, state and local law enforcement personnel and private professional retrieval crews like Railbak’s.

While working the annual fall harvest in Montana for my lawyer-brother-in-law; turned full-time farmer; who, after years of practice; (at both farming and lawyering); inherited the lead reins from his dad to operate their legacy wheat and barley farm; I asked him if he liked the daily grind of the harvest. His succinct response; I always enjoy harvesting my own crops. After writing as an avocation for nearly 4 decades; I was also imminently prepared; and welcomed the opportunity; to finally embrace writing as my full-time vocation. Thankfully, my-brother-in-law’s succinct response resonated with me when my brain-tumor removed any hope of continuing my previous career(s). So here I am enjoying the daily writing grind; enthusiastically pursuing my independent, creative writing style. One of these days I’ll find the time to channel my best Sherlock Holmes imitation and unravel the mysteries of marketing; allowing me to effectively place my works in the hands of uninitiated RAiLBAK Readers.

I remain passionate about reading and creatively writing books. As a Boomer, I don’t aspire to reading blogs or tweets or magazine articles. Yet I grasp the value of a fast-paced remedy for readers thirsting for data from the equally fast-paced digital environment in which we exist. As a reading and writing advocate; whenever I was back home in Missoula, I volunteered at the Hellgate Writing Lab in my high school alma mater; where I advised student-writers to read magazines, newspapers or comic books that interested them; because it would assist them in their desire to develop into more efficient readers; improved writers and just-maybe; cultivate a newfound love of literature as an added bonus.

After more than one brush with my own mortality; (highlighted by an emergency bedside tracheotomy after the Code-Blue hospital alarm was sounded on my behalf; luckily attracting the attention of the STAT crew on duty who successfully resuscitate me); while experiencing the debilitating effects of my Solitary Fibrous Tumor of the Meninges brain tumor; numerous operations, treatments and rehabilitation; I reinvigorated my creative writing approach. Fresh with a nom de plume…daytime hours because my full-time careers were over…new protagonist…new genre…new literary website…no creative borders, no co-authors, no ghost-writing, no professional editors or cover designers ; all-the-while hopeful that starting anew would give me a shot at enticing new RAiLBAK readers to my website.

I look forward to folks reading my creative works; and passing-on my purposeful, subtle life’s messages focused on forming a foundation based on personal character and harvesting its benefits. Combined with basic will-power to show that humans have the innate capacity to overcome the most shocking, unpredictable of life’s events and continue leading purposeful lives…regardless of age. I wish you well.

                               May the sun bring you new energy by day,

                              May the moon softly restore you by night,

                               May the rain wash away your worries,

                                May the breeze blow new strength into your being,


                            May you walk gently through the world and know its beauty all the days                                of your life.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           -Apache blessing.

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