Tc’s RAiLBAK ON: (Series) Vol I EPUB


Tc’s RAiLBAK ON: (Series) Vol I. Tc was inspired to create his RAiLBAK ON: (Series) by James Joyce’s classic collection of short stories made famous in his much-loved work Dubliners. Volume I is predictably comprised of warrior-Railbak-oriented subject matter including his beloved Montana; dark-operator-style insights such as his relationships with global Super Spies; flush with Railbak’s typical straight-talk, as a military-mission-leader, commenting on his insights about interrogative Torture; and sprinkled with never before seen diverse stories revealing Railbak’s philosophical-side such as his surprise at finding hero’s among us; Railbak’s experiential insight into the perpetual, complex search for Happiness; also his observations at the never-ending, passionate efforts by members of his inner circle to enhance personal Parenting accomplishments and family Economics; and the gentler side of Railbak displayed in his Poetry. Enjoy.

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