RAiLBAK: Bigger than a Book (or two)


Greetings RAiLBAK readers,

As you get familiar with Railbak, you will recognize he doesn’t believe in doing anything dimensionally on the surface, unless a deeper purpose is contemplated. With that in mind, as RAiLBAK books are launched, so begins the effort to fund the HUGS Foundation Trust. Railbak knows only too well the financial and emotional toll that health, education, nutrition and safety (HENS) issues can bestow on family and friends of the less fortunate. The hero of the RAiLBAK series was unfortunately cursed to suffer through a battle with an insidious brain tumor as portrayed in Tc’s RAiLBAK (Purposeful) Adventure series. Railbak’s opportunity to share the abridged version of a serious health issue suddenly thrust upon an otherwise healthy body offered Railbak’s creator Tc a semblance of solace while writing his way through some of Tc’s darkest times during his continuous multi-year cancer/brain-ear-throat-tumor journey. Having faced down his own mortality through his writings during his continuing battle with these invisible enemies he really discovered the depth of the value of his art….. life. Tc will invite artists among us; who have specifically overcome personal tragedy with the assistance of their art; to be recognized on Tc’s RAiLBAK Literary/Arts website for no other reason than to reach out and perhaps offer all artists a semblance of solace that they aren’t alone; and perhaps find inspiration in their effort to keep moving forward.

As a direct result of his experience, and the financial and emotional assistance offered to Tc by his community of friends and family, Tc and Railbak are dedicated to forming and funding a non-profit organization to assist children of families in crisis.

Tc aims to name the organization: The Hugs Foundation in honor of RAiLBAK’s creator’s spouse; Mary-Glynn; whose beloved nickname is Hugs. Hugs dedicated her professional career to saving families one child at a time, working for and with a number of dedicated organizations targeting the reduction and eradication of children’s HENS issues. Hugs will direct her namesake Foundation’s mission to help wherever she and the Hugs Foundation believe they can assist families-in-need.

Tc is proudly announcing to you RAiLBAK Readers everywhere that under The Bigger Than a Book Project 25% of the purchase price of any of Tc’s (Purposeful) RAiLBAK Adventures series and RAiLBAK ON series; any subsequent Tc/RAiLBAK books and other RAiLBAK-brand products; will be dedicated to forming and funding the Hugs Foundation and will continue funding the Hugs Foundation throughout the existence of RAiLBAK brand sales.

Railbak is proud to introduce you loyal readers to the 2,022 for 2022 Hugs Foundation Funding Campaign goal to sell 2,022 RAiLBAK books each quarter, getting a jump start on 2022 by launching  the Bigger Than a Book Project during the 2021 holiday season in December. Also, Tc hopes to complete and post book #6 in the RAiLBAK Series; Growing Up Boomers; on the website in 2022; (which you are presently visiting), and his long-awaited children’s book, Our Silly Grampa Has Fragile Bones. Watch for RAiLBAK’s marketing campaign; initially featuring RAiLBAK books, products and Kiddoes Korners fun, creative stuff for the younger set. Ideally, sales of Tc’s (Purposeful) RAiLBAK Adventures series and RAiLBAK ON series books will allow the Hugs Foundation Trust to receive adequate funding to begin actively assisting families in 2023; (as Tc would say, no sense setting a goal to help kiddoes-in-need and their families unless it’s a lofty one). RAiLBAK’s mission commencing in 2022 for the Hugs Foundation Trust is threefold:

  • Continue telling amazing life’s stories long enough to fill volumes of books; and invigorate generations of families to believe one person’s philanthropic vision put into action; can produce positive events in many young lives and their families’.
  • Ensure RAiLBAK Readers are sufficiently motivated by his stories to remain loyal readers of RAiLBAK (Purposeful) Adventures and RAiLBAK ON books, allowing the Hugs Foundation Trust to continue performing wonderful work for children and their families for many years to come.
  • Introduce Kiddoes Korners and creative stuff for all kids on the website, not just for the kiddoes the Hugs Foundation is focusing on.

Best wishes and happy reading,

Tc & Railbak

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