RAiLBAK eBook by Tc

Book Cover for Railbak Book 980Now Railbak returns to his Montana beginnings compliments of Tc who brings Railbak’s dynamic military ops adventures to light from the dark global shadows Railbak operated in as a US Marine, after casting long shadows over his beloved Montana as a favorite son. Railbak is again recruited by the US Government to bring his unique brand of Montana-character driven trouble-shooting to terminate a domestic terrorist threat centered in the neighboring state previously known for its Badlands. Only this time a terrorist threat focused directly at the upheaval and cessation of production of a million-barrels of oil per day from the richest oil patch in the US, commonly known as: The Bakken.

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“It’s terrific Tc! Railbak moves fast with fun facts delivered with easy eloquence and humor; a familiar and comforting style like that of an old friend. You have found your voice. I love it!”
-RC, Las Vegas

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