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(*How the cookie crumbled.)


My middle son TC wasn’t like many of the other young dinosaurs growing up. He was industrious. We were so proud of TC because he wanted to do more than just hang around eating plants and drinking sweet spring water, lolling his dino-days away. Instead of bashing his humungous head into things like other dinosaurs heads, TC used his head for figuring out ways to be productive and lead a purposeful life. TC called it: Dino-Development.


TC’s first invention was TC’S DYNAMIC DINO-DELIVERY. He delivered the daily-dino edition of the local Rock-Reporter for a while. Since each edition of the Rock weighed well over 100pounds, he could carry all 13 copies of the Rock on his back no problem. Alas, TC wasn’t exactly speedy. Even though TC trained hard with his buddy Rufus to move faster, TC moved so slowly sometimes he didn’t get the daily edition of the Rock delivered to some of the dino-families on his route until the next day. TC’s lack-of-speed didn’t bother our family because he always came by home to eat after he picked up the Rock so we got our copy and copies for the Grabobite, Dinomite and Doughbeatridon families, since they didn’t move very fast either and they lived by us, close to town. But unfortunately for TC, the Humungobliviosaurus, Ransackasaurus, Droolodon, Tri-tot-otops, Geegawkasaurus, Voraciasaurus, Domestisaurus, Swoopodactyl, andSoarasaurus families lived quite a ways outside town because they all traveled quite speedily.Needless to say these families didn’t think TC’S DINO-DELIVERY service was exactly DYNAMICand told the owners of the Rock what they thought. The Rock promptly canceled TC’s DDD contract so the families who lived outside of town didn’t cancel the Rock.


This failure might have discouraged any other dino but not our TC. He next tried deliveringPrehistoric-Pizza. Alas, even though TC could carry all 500 vegetarian pizzas on his back at once for the Humungobliviosaurus’ family dinner, by the time TC arrived three hours after he picked up the Humungobliviosaurs’ order for delivery, the Prehistoric-Pizzas were not only cold but smashed flat as pizza-pancakes. So Prehistoric-Pizza canceled TC’s delivery contract. TC finally realized DYNAMIC DINO-DELIVERY just wasn’t a good idea for a slow-mover like TC. But luckily TC didn’t have a slow-mover mind, so he didn’t get frustrated and begin bashing his humungous head into things like other dinosaurs’ heads. He just kept using his humungous head to try and think of a better Dino-Development idea.


TC thought and thought, figuring he’d invent a product which the local dino-families would come to him to buy. And if families wanted this new TC-produced product to be delivered he’d invent it to be small enough and lightweight enough so his buddies Smedley and Silas aka Air-Credibledibles could deliver the product fast as anything known-to-dino-kind. Naturally, TC always thought about a food product since the most important things dinosaurs did all day long was eat or think about eating. One day TC was thinking and eating while watching Rufus and his cousins throwing and catching round discs they had fashioned from rocks. TC was jealous he didn’t have little arms and hands like the Ransackasaurus crew so he could catch and throw discs. As he watched the young Ransackasaurus gang play, TC thought about the huge round cakes many of our dino-families made for birthdays and the annual Montana Dino-Days celebration. TC thought if he could bake small cakes, dinos would buy them by the dozens and the S& S boys could deliver them no problem. Even if he had to make hundreds of small cakes a day, TC figured with the dormant volcano producing more heat than a hundred bakeries could possibly use, he had an unlimited supply of heat to bake as many cakes as any dinos could want.


So TC started another dino-development experiment. He made small cakes withTrisuperintendotops’ family cake recipes. Soon a bunch of TC’s dino-buds started hanging around our house because they could smell the small cakes baking. Soon they began to help TC because let’s face it TC was all thumbs when it came to baking cakes. TC’s three little triplet cousins, who were always underfoot during the baking experiments, started calling TC: Cookie; because TC was always cooking delicious little cakes. One day TC; in order to get the little triplets out from underfoot and not get squished; made some really tasty small round cakes so Rufus and his gang could toss them like little discs, away from the bakery. TC’s three little triplet cousins would delightfully go find the little cakes and gobble them up and come back to the bakery for more. It became a great game for everyone and since the little triplets were always trying to be TC’s little helpers they were known collectively as Cookie’s-helpers and finally: Cookies. That’s where the name Cookies comes from.


TC’s buds operated as taste-testers of the many small experimental cakes and time after time the little cakes were so tasty, the taste-tasters’ would simply exclaim: Incredible. So, the little triplets who were just learning to speak, would return to the bakery after eating their mini disc-cakes and try to mimic the older guys by squealing: credible cakes…credible cakes. Everyone would start laughing and the rest is history. With TC as owner & President; Rufus in charge of bakery security; the S&S boys managed deliveries; Velma ran the bakery kitchen; Avagadroofficial dough pounder; Spike controlled quality control; Dixie and Araminta official tasters; Arabella official Credibledibles cookie-box loader; Doris designated chaperone of the Triplet-Cookies so they didn’t get under foot, least they get squashed; Snookums marketing director and Brutus loading dock manager; TC’S CREDIBLEDIBLES was formed and started the first known business of baking Dino-Cookies in history.


*Translated and reprinted from TC’s mom; Teresa Trisuperintendotops’ dino-diaries of rock-writings. Which were unearthed at various Montana dino-digs; courtesy of Montana’s own extraordinary Xtraction Team Interpreting NontraditionalCommunication Techniques: EXTINCT. Note: Please enjoy these beautiful portraits; break out your imaginations and crayons and create your own version of Credibledibles or whatever else you think this unusual group of industrious Dino-buds would do. Please remember color printers weren’t invented when these portraits were drawn so if you need additional copies of the Dino-buds portraits please order more as these portraits are part of the Credibledible economic business owned byCredibledibles upon which many Dino-families depend upon to make a living. Thank you. TC


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